How To Connect And Mount iSCSI Onto Linux Servers

Before start with this article, please check our previous guide how to install and configure openfiler.

Now we will explian how to add the target disk to our local server.




The commands bellow should be working in other Linux distro.

First, install some needed packages.

Centos :









Discovering targets in iSCSI server:



Trying to login with the iSCSI LUN:




With this command is reponsible of the update of  iSCSI targets database for the files located in /var/lib/iscsi/ :



Now check if the disk add to your machine









Create file system in this disk













Prepare the directory to mount the disk.



Please add this to mount the net drive with Linux start.
add this to /etc/fstab.






There are three ways to disable or delete an iSCSI target.

First, to disable an iSCSI target:



Second, it is possible to delete the target’s record ID:/p>



Thirdly, stop the iSCSI service.


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